Plastics processing is the main technology used in our company.
The group of injected plastics includes such materials as: ABS, PP, PA, PA6, PC, PC + ABS, PC + GF, PE, PMMA as well as dyes in various colors. We use raw materials and dyes approved for contact with food and drugs (Food contact, FDA) and meeting the requirements of REACH, PAH, ROHS.

The efficient and comprehensive injection process is possible thanks to, among others:

42 injection machines with a clamping force of 52t – 1300t
2K injection technology
IML (In mold labeling) technology
injection technology with additional gas injection
laser for removing injection tips and for reshaping the injection product.
More information on injection technology can be found in the Company Presentation, while a detailed list of all injection machines is available in the file List of injection molding machines in HANYANG ZAS.

On average, we process about 300 tons of raw material per month, and the maximum weight of the molded part is 5.5 kg. Plastic products are currently manufactured for four groups of recipients: the automotive industry, household appliances, the toy industry and the so-called technical products, including containers for tools and power tools as well as elements of street traffic lights.

list of machines


The second technology, besides injection, used in HANYANG ZAS is wet painting.

We have 2 automatic painting lines equipped with 6-axis FANUC robots and an automatic paint feeding system.

Thanks to the extensive technology, we are able to:

three-layer application of varnish in the body color (primer, base varnish, clear varnish)
painting products to a high gloss (high gloss), metallic and matte varnishes and in an extremely delicate and soft finish (soft touch)
varnishing of products in various colors with a maximum product length of 1200 mm
laser engraving on painted elements.

tool shop

Tool Shop

Our own tool shop provides comprehensive care for the entrusted tools and molds.

Possibilities and experience

We carry out ongoing repairs and regeneration of tools thanks to the (CAD) Fusion 360 and (CAM) SPRUT CAM software and qualified engineering staff.

TOOL SUPERVISION SOFTWARE supports the management of timely refurbishment and maintenance of tools.


IML (In Mold Labeling)

is a modern technique of decorating plastic products, consisting in the use of a special film on which any images are applied.

This film is melted into the surface of the product during the injection process, thanks to which I do not have to stick the label in the next stage of the production process.

The applied graphics are resistant to scratches, abrasions or peeling, and the quality of the image placed on the IML label is photographic

Hot stamping / decor foil

is a technique of decorating by pressing with a hot stamp and fusing the decorative foil into the surface of the product.

The advantages of this decorating technique include very high quality and durability of the applied graphics as well as a short cycle time allowing for quick and efficient execution of the order.

Heat transfer

is a technique consisting in applying a tape with a printed image to a product by pressing it with a heated stamp.

It allows you to decorate products with pictures without any graphic restrictions.

It is distinguished by high quality and durability of the applied graphics.

Tampo printing

is a technique of applying a print with the use of specialized paints, matrices and stamps.

It enables a very accurate reflection of the graphics without the background transparent effect.

Welding, engraving, laser cutting

3d Scanning

We have expanded our activity in the field of comprehensive 3D spatial measurements using a modern scanner of the German company GOM GmbH. This system allows us to meet customer requirements by quickly and precisely scanning elements of any shape, dimensions and material.